Save-N-Share Program

Established to benefit non-profit organizations within the community and to say “Thank You” for your patronage and loyalty for shopping with us.

Guidelines -

  • 1% of a customer's purchase is donated to the indicated organization UNTIL we reach a maximum of up to $5,000.00 donated for a year to all Save-N-Share organizations combined. Disbursements are given on a percentage base. The year begins January 1st and ends December 31st of each year. We reserve the right to adjust the amount donated based on store sales within the year.
  • Checks will be written on a yearly basis.
  • We cannot charge a purchase and donate to Save-N-Share, as our registers do not have the capabilities of doing both. All cash, check, credit, debit & food stamp purchases can be applied.
  • Each organization must be approved by the owners for qualification.
  • If organizations are withdrawn or contact information changes, please notify Sue Trunck at Trunck's. The individual organization will be notified participation changes.
  • Guidelines are subject to change, with notification from Trunck's Country Foods, Inc.
  • We have a maximum of 18 groups in this program. We are setting this so each group can benefit sufficiently through this program. An organization can be on a waiting list or rotated off of the program to ensure the program's vitality. Decisions are made by the store owners.

To Participate -

  • Each organization needs to contact Sue Trunck at Trunck's to update or set up their account. Call 345-2211 or stop by the store at 606 Grundy Avenue. If your contact person changes, be sure to update your Save-N-Share account also by calling the store.
  • Inform your members to tell cheeks at the BEGINNING of their purchase that they want their receipt to go to your organization for Save-N-Share. We will do our best at the store level to remind customers, but ultimately, we ask that it is up to your organization to let its members know about the program.

Thank you for participating in our program! We appreciate your business!


Darren & Sue Trunck